Monday, April 16, 2012


and we're back! Sorry about the mini hiatus - It's been busy busy busy around here! 
Along with my full time job I've started coaching high school track for the season 
(I threw javelin and discus in high school/college so I'm in charge of the rowdiest of the team)
I don't know if I'm doing a good job or not but I was just informed that I owe one of the kids a cake since I gave them the challenge of "if they threw over such and such distance they'd get a cake for javelin, cupcakes for shot put or cinnamon buns for discus"  And of course last Saturday, one of the boys threw a 134 in javelin so I'm going to have to own up to that 7 layer cake in the school colors that I bragged about
(and I'll be sure to take pictures all along the way - maybe even throw in a shot or two of a gang of high schoolers devouring it!)

Okay let's move on cause I tend to get to lengthy and I have actual things of a craft nature to show!
I managed to carve out some sewing time but I'm not sure you'd want to see the majority of it - fixing buttons, mending rips etc etc... I did however finally finish something thats been sitting under my bed for at least a couple of years now (I'm getting better honestly- this is major progress for me)

Once upon a time, one of my old roommates was sweet enough to send me a scarf from California because she had been with me when I bought a quilt for my bed and had heard all about my dream designs for my room.  I decided to turn it into a pillow but was stopped about half way through when I was stumped by the problem of not wanting to cut the scarf. I gave it up for lost and moved on with my life while it sat next to my bed unfinished and dejected until this week!  
I ended up cropping two of the sides but it was worth it now that I've got a perfectly matching pillow for my room <3 

 (and just for good measure here are some shots of my room since I got a little snap happy with my camera!)

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  1. totally love it! i'm glad it found a good final resting place. also, i bought it mid-summer 2010, prob sent it in the fall, knowing me. so you only had it a year and a half--not bad! it would've taken me much longer..