Sunday, November 6, 2011

And here's another bit of embroidery to round out the first day of posting!

I actually did this last semester for my textiles studies class as a side project where I tried my hand with Sashiko, a type of japanese embroidery.
The kit I used is from a lovely etsy shop called Tadaa Studios

Jumping right into it now! As a heads up you guys are going to see a lot of projects that are combinations of grays, yellows, white and black because that's the color pallet of my room.

I bought a couple of tureens and candle votives for an art project that didn't make it all the way to the finish line so they've been laying around gathering dust in my room.  
I finally settled on making a pincushion with the largest tureen since I didn't have any nice ones for my workspace.

I'll admit, I didn't measure out any of the fabric (I'm terrible with measuring, it's one of my downfalls) so that's why it's a little puffier than the glass.  I used felt cloth all around and for the inside I was worried if I just used plain pillow fill the smaller sewing needles would slip through and be lost in the cushion so I filled over half of it with cotton balls which would be just as soft but add some stability to it.

For the flower on the top I tried out a new stitch, the long and short stitch, and now I'm in love with!
I'm going to have to use it in another project soon

Hey! Look! It's an Introduction Post!

Hi there!  I'm going to make this short and sweet because I'm terrible at starting things up and I really want to get this blog going so this is the first big hurtle!

My name is Win, I just graduated with a B.A in Studio Art and I also love discovering new crafts and trying them out.  Hems and Haws is my way of combining my two favorite things and being able to share it with others. 

(Also I'm hoping that it'll help me finish projects completely by using this site to keep me on task, 
it's called Hems and Haws for a couple of reasons!)

Well anywho!
Thanks so much for stopping by and I hope you'll stick around!