Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pre Holiday Mishmash

Hello! I'm running a little busy with the holidays coming up but I have been working on some embroidery during my breaks at work and I should be working on my pollyanna gift (I better get cracking at that before I leave it till the last minute!)

Here's a preview of The Table from the last post - I'm not officially done yet, the drawers still need some love'n and I bought some great knobs from work to finish it all off!
(Also you get to see how messy my table is at the moment and this is in medium messiness mode!)

For my embroidery I really wanted to try out some high textured embroidery - I fell in love with it when I saw AverageJaneCrafter's entry for the NASA craft contest which you can see here .  I actually have tried it out before but it was during school for a project and....let's just say it got a little out of hand and is still unfinished (It was for a painting class so only god knows why I decided to try my hand at some extreme embroidery to be mixed into my piece) 

The plan is to try out a simple piece that I can frame and hang in my room.  Here's the beginning of the project. I usually use simple white chalk for my embroidery projects if the fabric is too dark for my fabric marker.  I started using it when I was panicking on a school project and swiped a piece from a classroom in hopes that it would help and it does! (Just as long as you make sure it doesn't smear too much but I usually just go over the lines again before I start working again)

Also I'm almost ashamed I'm calling this a part sketch blog and haven't posted anything drawn yet!

I've been feeling iffy about my drawing skills which kind of explains that I guess! 
 I just haven't had much time to actually sit down and do something I'm proud of so I've become rusty since the summer. I had time last night and decided to brush off that rust and mess around with some inks and watercolor.  This is the only thing of note from the night but that's because it took me most of the night when I decided to crosshatch the background...

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